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Public Policy

BioNJ is dedicated to supporting our Member companies in finding cures and enhancing lives through medications and therapies discovered and developed using biotechnology.

We support the principle of providing universal access to affordable, high quality health care to all our citizens, and we believe that biotechnological research will play a significant role in improving patient care. But this can only happen if innovation continues to be rewarded.

BioNJ is committed to working with the national biotechnology trade organization, the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), other health care organizations, government agencies and Congress to develop practical solutions towards these goals.

Basic Principles on Health Care Reform

BioNJ is pleased that the Health Care Reform Act was passed. Our position prior to its passing appears below.

BioNJ is in agreement with the general position advanced by BIO which contends that efforts to reform health care must address three general principles, each of which is a vital step toward meaningful health care reform and providing a solution to the nation’s health care crisis. Each principle is equally important, inextricably intertwined, and any meaningful health care reform proposal must address all three. Read more »

Position on Biosimilars

BioNJ is pleased that a regulatory pathway for biosimilars was included in the Health Care Reform Act. Our position prior to its inclusion and passage appears below.

From its inception, the biotechnology industry has been driven by the application of cutting-edge science and innovative approaches and technologies that has resulted in the discovery, development and commercialization of hundreds of novel medicines and therapies to treat unmet medical needs, improve human health and save lives.

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