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Our Mission & Core Values

Our Mission

BioNJ’s mission is to advance the biotechnology and biotechnology-related industries in New Jersey for the benefit of the citizens, the economy and patients of New Jersey, the US and worldwide.

BioNJ accomplishes its mission through excellence in:

  • Ensuring the acquisition and availability of appropriate human, capital, and other resources necessary for building successful biotechnology and biotechnology support companies in the State;
  • Formulating and advocating policy positions to elected officials, regulators, the media and general public;
  • Enhancing global awareness and appreciation of New Jersey’s talent, experience and resources.

Our Core Values

At BioNJ our Core Values are:

We are Passionate about our Members and our Mission.

We believe that Innovation paves the path to Success.

We believe that Personal Integrity and Respect for Others are essential to Excellence.

We have a healthy Competitive yet Collaborative spirit that moves us forward.

We believe that Fun is a critical element to Success.